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Neighborhood and Long-Range Planning Program


The way each of us feels about the places where we live and work can affect our overall health and well-being. Safe, attractive and welcoming neighborhoods make life better for everyone living in them, and a network of great neighborhoods makes our entire city a better place to be.

Exceptional cities, and the great neighborhoods within them, don’t just happen. Cities constantly grow and change, and we can ensure that these changes are positive through the plans we make today. Louisville Metro already has an adopted comprehensive plan, Cornerstone 2020, which provides guidance for growth and development in the coming years.

Neighborhood plans are intended to offer this same kind of guidance on a more focused level by providing a means for neighborhoods to:

• identify, preserve and build on the positive qualities of their neighborhoods;

• acknowledge and deal with existing issues or problems; and

• set goals and priorities that will shape the future of their area in the years to come.


Highview Neighborhood Plan


Executive Summary (Approved 1/6/05)

Butchertown Neighorhood Plan (Approved 2/28/08)
    Executive Summary (572 kb)
Clifton Heights 
Clifton Heights Neighborhood Plan Maps     
    Clifton Heights Neighborhood Plan
Dixie Highway Corridor Master Plan
Eastwood Neighborhood Plan (Approved 11/05):
Executive Summary
Fairdale Neighborhood Plan (Approved 11/21/06):
Executive Summary
Fern Creek Small Area Plan
Glenview Neighborhood Plan (Approved 8/30/10)
Plan Document (PDF - 8 MB)
Highlands-Douglass (Approved 3/28/06)
Executive Summary
    Neighborhood Plan
Mockingbird Valley (Approved 6/7/06)
Neighborhood Plan with Executive Summary
New Cut Road/Taylor Boulevard Corridor Study
Old Henry Executive Summary (Adopted 7/26/07)
Old Louisville Plan*
Original Highlands (Approved 11/21/06)
Neighborhood Plan
    Executive Summary
Phoenix Hill Neighborhood Plan (Approved 2/28/08)
         Executive Summary (576 kb)
Portland (Approved 2/28/08)
   Part 1a: Introduction, Vision (4.2 MB)
    Part 1b: Neighborhood Identity
(4.2 MB)
    Part 2: Land Use/Community Form (5.4 MB)
    Part 3: Maps (Zoning and Form)  (4.3 MB)
    Part 4: Plan Components (3.7 MB)
   Part 5: Plan Implementation (365 kb)
   Part 6: Executive Summary (304 kb)
   Part 7: Appendices (3.2 MB)
Shawnee Neighborhood Plan
Shelbyville Road Beautification and Safety Project
Smoketown -- Shelby Park 
Smoketown-Shelby Park Neighborhood Plan
Sobro Neighorhood Plan (Approved 10/27/07)
Sobro Planned Development District (Approved June 30, 2011)
    Approved Adoption of Sobro PDD Guidelines Amendment - Ordinance #206, Series 2011
Southeast Metro Regional Center Planning Study 
Taylorsville Road/Urton Lane Study (Approved 7/07)
Tyler Rural Settlement District (Approved 2/28/08)
Plan Document
    Executive Summary
Westport Road Corridor Small Area Plan (Approved 8/30/10)
    Plan Document (PDF - 3 MB)
    Market Study (PDF - 7 MB)
Wolf Pen Branch (Approved 3/28/06)
Wolf Pen Branch Neighborhood Plan  (Amended  
         July 17, 2012)
    Wolf Pen Branch Neighborhood Plan Appendix

*Version posted includes the Ammendments to the plan from December 2000 and may not include all Appendices. A hard copy is available to view in the Planning and Design library at 444 South Fifth Street, 3rd floor.


Citizen Handbook
Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services has just published its Citizen Handbook.  The Handbook has been designed to nurture better grassroots understanding of the Neighborhood Planning Program.  To download the Handbook, click here. 

Click here to download
the Citizen Handbook.