Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is a subcommittee of the Planning Commission. The Committee meets on call of the Chairman or any two members of the committee.

Planning Committee Agendas





10/13/11 Agenda TNZD Entertainment Amendments
7/14/11 Agenda Southeast Metro Regional Center Study Update; Metro Council Resolution regarding Right-of-Way requirements; New Cut Study; Shawnee Neighborhood Plan Urton Lane Study Update
5/12/11 Agenda Metro Council Resolution on Athletic Facilities and Southeast Metro Regional Center Study
4/28/11 Agenda Metro Council Resolutions and Ordinance; Urton Lane/Taylorsville Road Transportation Study Update; and LDC Amendment to Chapter 5
3/17/11 Agenda Includes reviews of Metro Council Ordinances and Resolutions 
2/10/11 Agenda Metro Council Resolution on Residential Use in C-1; PDD regulation review; and LDC regulation review
1/20/11 Agenda Metro Council Resolutions on Conditional Use Permits and Residential Use in C-1; Request to review PDD Regulation
11/11/10 Agenda      Floyds Fork Area Study Discussion
Executive Summary Adoption - Clifton Heights, Crescent Hill, and Irish Hill Neighborhood Plans
Review Metro Council Resolutions
Floyds Fork Area Study
10/14/10 Agenda Discussion of Floyds Fork Area Study and Metro Council Resolutions
8/12/10 Agenda Homeless Shelter Land Use Proposal Discussion
Floyds Fork Area Study
7/8/10 Agenda Floyds Fork Area Study Discussion Town Center Article
Planning Process
5/20/10 Agenda
5/13/10 Agenda May 13 Minutes
4/22/10 Agenda
3/11/10 Agenda
12/10/09 Agenda
11/19/09 Agenda U of L Shelby Campus Presentation
10/22/09 Agenda Chapter 10 revisions and TNZD amendments
10/8/09 Agenda   Sign Regulation Revision discussion; Bed and Breakfast Definition Amendment; and Revisions to Chapter 10
9/10/09 Agenda Proposed Sign Regulation Review
8/13/09 Agenda
6/11/09 Agenda Canceled - could not confirm quorum
5/14/09 Agenda
4/9/09 Agenda Review of proposed area-wide form district and zoning district changes forHighlands-Douglass Neighborhood
3/12/09 Agenda
1/8/09 Agenda
12/4/08 Agenda
11/13/08 Agenda  This meeting was canceled
10/9/08 Agenda
8/14/08 Agenda This meeting covered zoning for blood plasma centers and the definition of "dwelling"
7/10/08 This meeting covered Core Graphic and Form District amendments; Scenic Corridor Regulation Revision; Regulation Amendments from the the Cities of Anchorage and Indian Hills; and zoning for blood plasma centers.


The meeting covered five agenda items. The Planning Committee reviewed the regulation amendment requests from the cities of Indian Hills and Anchorage. Charles Cash discussed the current status of the Floyds Fork Area Study. Chris French discussed the proposed sign committee and took comments from the Planning Committee members. The core graphic and form district cleanup was held to the next meeting in July.  The Planning Committee continued their review of the revisions to the Scenic Corridor Regulations.


The meeting began with a brief introduction of the upcoming Pedestrian Summit by Steve Sizemore (PDS) and Jon Villines (MPW). Chris French discussed the Scenic Corridor revisions and the committee agreed to have a hearing date set in July and to bring the revisions back for more discussion. Chris French and Ed Mellett presented the Cornerstone 2020 work plan to the committee and answered questions. Chris French stated that staff would bring back additional work plan items before the committee at later dates. The committee set the initial public hearing date for the reauthorization of Cornerstone 2020 and the first set of core graphic amendments for June 19th. Dawn Warrick discussed the latest revisions to the Bufferyard amendment to the subdivision regulations. After discussion the committee set the amendment for public hearing on June 19th.

3/13/08  This meeting included discussion of draft Karst Regulations, Sign Regulations revisions, and amendment to the Scenic Corridor regulations.  Also, there was a presentation on the development of the best management practices manual for low impact development. The Planning Commission recommended approval of draft Karst Regulations and forwarded these regulations to Metro Council for adoption.

2/14/08  This meeting included continued review of draft Karst Regulations.

Duties of the Planning Committee

1. Review the development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Plan in compliance with KRS 100.

2. Review the development and determine the currency of various implementation measures, including:

a. Zoning regulations

b. Subdivision regulations

c. Small area, neighborhood or sector plans

d. Capital Improvement Programming

3. Review agency goals and objectives, both long term and short term.

4. Review annual and multiyear work programs.

5. Review any other land use and development policy document, assistance program or other such efforts as may come before the Committee.

6. Perform such other duties as prescribed in the adopted policies and as may be determined by the Planning Commission.