Floyds Fork Area Study


    Main Section with Executive Summary 

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After the Ohio River, Floyds Fork Creek could be considered as Louisville Metro’s greatest remaining environmental asset. The goal of the Floyds Fork Study is to be proactive and guide future growth and development in a manner that is positive and planned. Equally important, the study seeks to protect the unique landscape character and future
development of the Floyds Fork Greenway and the Louisville Loop. Other goals the study will address include:

  • Balance between land conservation, population growth, and development in order to maintain community and natural character.
  • Capitalize on integrating land use planning with other planning initiatives, including the Floyd’s Fork Greenway and connections with the 100-mile Louisville Loop, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet planning initiatives, and water and sewer infrastructure plans.
  • Promote and integrate economic, societal, and sustainable development best practices.
  • Educate the general public about pedestrian-oriented design, mixed-use development in centers, and practices of low impact/sustainable development
  • Recognize the goals, objectives, and plan elements established in Cornerstone 2020 that pertain to the Floyds Fork area, including the need to ensure appropriate placement, design and scale of non-residential and mixed-use development in designated activity centers.

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6/10/08     Fern Creek High School

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    Citizen Input Activity

7/29/08     Jeffersontown Community Center 
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3/24/09     Ramsey Middle School
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10/15/09     Metro Development Center 

10/29/09     Metro Development Center 

11/12/09     Metro Development Center 

12/10/09     Metro Development Center 
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Public Comment Period Open
To view and comment on the draft document of the Floyds Fork Area Study, please follow the links at the top of the page as well under the "Consultation Portal" link above. If you would like to receive regular updates related to the study's adoption process, please sign-up see link above) for updates.

Planning Committee Reviewing Draft Study Report
The Planning Committee of the Louisville Metro Planning Commission held its first meeting on Thursday, July 8th to review the draft of the Floyds Fork Area Study.  To view the Planning and Design staff presentation, click here
The committee will continue to review the document in their next meeting, set for Thursday October 14, 10 AM at 444 S. 5th Street, Room 101 (1st floor conference room). 


Floyds Fork Creek. 

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