Public Art - Fee in Lieu / Commission on Public Art

As an applicant option to the requirements set forth in the Land Development Code (5.12.2.A.3), a fee in lieu of the Outdoor Amenity/Focal Point requirements may be provided with approval of the Planning Commission or designee.

The fee in lieu shall be calculated based on the square footage required for the outdoor amenity area multiplied by the per square foot value of the parcel of land, as determined by its actual documented value at the time of development. This fee-in-lieu shall be calculated as part of the development review and payable at the time of building construction permitting. The fee shall be directed to the Louisville Public Space Art Fund.

In June of every year, the Mayor’s Commission on Public Art shall come before the Parks and Libraries Committee or other committee designed by the Metro Council President to provide information regarding the expenditure of funds from the Louisville Public Space Art Fund. Such presentation shall include information regarding the amount of money collected from the fee-in-lieu, and what percentage of such money was spent on the maintenance of existing art and the installation of new art.

For further information, call (502)574-6230.

Also visit the Commission on Public Art website.