Step 1: Pre-Application

A pre-application review is the first step of the rezoning process. The pre-application is a required step that must be completed prior to submitting your formal rezoning application. A $100 fee is charged for pre-applications.  

1.  Submit a Pre-Application to begin the process. Pre-Applications are due on Mondays at 2:00 p.m. in order to be processed that week. A $100 fee is due in order to process your pre-application.


2.  A Case Manager is assigned to your case on Tuesday following the filing deadline. The Case Manager then contacts you to set up a Pre-Application Meeting.


3.  Development plans submitted with the Pre-Application are distributed by the Case Manager to pertinent review agencies on Wednesday of the same week. Agencies have two weeks to review your plan and make any comments necessary.


4.  A Pre-Application Meeting is held with the Case Manager. Pre-Application Meetings are not required, but are encouraged, particularly for new applicants. At this meeting, the Case Manager reviews any agency comments with you. If a Pre-Application Meeting is not held, the Case Manager sends agency comments to you.


5.  You are required to hold a neighborhood meeting in order to present your plans to neighbors and respond to their feedback. The neighborhood meeting can be held at any time during the Pre-Application phase, but must be held prior to filing a formal application. Contact your Case Manager for additional information on neighborhood meetings, including notice requirements.


6.  You are now ready to file a formal application.

Additional information about rezoning in Louisville:

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Anyone interested in requesting a zoning change or viewing any public records on rezoning requests may come to the Planning and Design Services office (444 S. 5th Street, Suite 300, Louisville, 40202) Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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