User Guide Overview

Planning & Design Services administers more than 40 types of applications. The review process an application goes through depends on the type of request and the complexity of the project. These processes can be complicated for first time users, and for that reason we have developed several user guides to lead you through the various processes step-by-step. Please click on the appropriate link below to be directed to a detailed user guide:

Staff-Approvable Applications
(For Category 2B Plans, Community Facility Reviews, Extensions of Expiration, Factory Built Housing, Landscape Plans, Record Plats, Minor Plats, Temporary Activity Permits, Joint Parking/Off-Site Parking Plans, Right-Of-Way Dedication Waivers, Signature Entrance Plans, Subdivision Name Changes, Home Occupations, Zoning Certifications, and Zoning Confirmations)

Committee-Approved Applications
(For District Development Plans, Category 3 Plans, Major Preliminary Subdivisions, Waivers, Parking Waivers, Binding Element Amendments, Cell Towers, and Floyds Fork Review Overlay applications)

BOZA-Approved Applications
(For Conditional Use Permits and Variances)

Zoning Change

Landmarks – Certificate of Appropriateness

Landmarks – Overlay District Permit

Nonconforming Rights


Citizen User Guides

If you are a concerned citizen that would like to learn how to get involved in some of these processes, please visit the citizen user guides listed below:

Zoning Change

Conditional Use Permit