Step 3: LD&T Meeting

The Land Development & Transportation Committee (LD&T) is a committee of the Planning Commission whose function is to review zoning changes and subdivisions, to schedule public hearing dates, and to make recommendations to the Planning Commission. If you generally accept the proposed rezoning but have not been able to reach agreement with the developer on details (landscaping, traffic patterns, number or placement of buildings), LD&T is the first place to make your case. The venue is informal and all interested parties simply go up to the committee table when the case number is called. The developer and Commission staff will discuss the proposal and you will then be given an opportunity to speak. It is strongly recommended that one or two people be selected to present your side of the situation. If the unresolved problem is serious enough, you may want to consider hiring a land-use attorney to speak for you at LD&T. Be sure the attorney knows what your group’s budget is and exactly what you want to accomplish. LD&T has wide latitude and can simply schedule the public hearing, ask the developer to revise and resubmit the plan, require further studies, or recommend restrictions.

Any restrictions or modifications should be in the form of binding elements, which as the name implies, “bind” the developer to follow through on specific design details and restrictions if their rezoning is approved. One of the binding elements may be that you receive at least 30 days notice and an opportunity to respond if the developer wishes to amend the binding elements after the rezoning is approved. These binding elements can be deleted, changed, or added at any time in the process, so be sure they are a part of the case presented at the public hearing.

If you are totally opposed to the rezoning, you may want to make your case at LD&T, but be aware that LD&T cannot recommend for or against a rezoning and will simply schedule the case for a public hearing before the full Planning Commission, where a recommendation will be made. At the LD&T review, you can petition for more than the standard 10 minutes for opponents to speak at the public hearing, or to hold an evening public hearing. The requirements are:

  1. Extended presentation – A one (1) hour opposition presentation requires 25 signatures from property owners living within the affected Jefferson County district. Petitions for extension of hearing time limits must be submitted within seven (7) days of the LD&T meeting at which the public hearing date is set or confirmed. (PC Policy 7.09.02)
  2. 5:30 p.m. public hearing – To have a public hearing held in the evening (5:30 p.m.), requires 200 signatures from Jefferson County property owners. Petitions must be received within 15 days of the scheduled hearing. (KRS 100.214)
  3. Public hearing after 6:00 p.m. in your district – To have a public hearing held in the evening in a convenient location requires 300 signatures from property owners living within the affected Metro Council district and/or adjacent council districts. Petitions must be submitted within (no less than) 15 days of the scheduled hearing date. (Lou. Metro. Am. Ord. No.100-2007)

LD&T generally meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month in the Old Jail Building, located at 514 W. Liberty Street, at 1:00 p.m. Though cases are docketed in a particular order, there is no way to predict when your docket number may come up during the meeting. Your spokesperson should stay in the room and be prepared to stay until the end of the meeting.

Additional information about rezoning in Louisville:

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You can register with Planning and Design Services to receive notice of all filings in your Metro Council District.

Agendas for Planning Commission and Land Development & Transportation Committee meetings are usually posted the Friday before the following week’s meeting. The agendas can be accessed here.

Click here to open the Land Development Code, and here for Cornerstone 2020.

Click here to link to the LOJIC webpage to learn about the zoning designation of a specific property.

Anyone interested in requesting a zoning change or viewing any public records on rezoning requests may come to the Planning and Design Services office (444 S. 5th Street, Suite 300, Louisville, 40202) Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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