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Request a Long Term Encroachment Permit

Contact: Sheila Bradley @ 502-574-3893
  • A License Agreement is a contract between Louisville Metro and a business/property owner for a “permanent type” encroachment on the public right-of-way (i.e. awning, sign, fence, retaining wall, fiber optic cable, landscaping materials, etc.). The Agreement is valid for 10 years at $100.00 per year, renewal every 10 years thereafter.
  • The Licensee is responsible for the maintenance of the encroachment and for the removal of said encroachment and right-of-way restoration if encroachment is no longer needed.
  • Attached is the Criteria sheet describing what is needed to start the License Agreement process.
  • Attached is the Bond form (in case the insurance company wants to use Louisville Metro’s bond form). The bond amount is set comparable to what the encroachment may be. Bond MUST remain in effect for the full life of the agreement.
  • License Agreement is not transferable. New owners must obtain the Agreement and then the “old” Agreement can be voided.

     Click here for the License Agreement Bond form
Click here for the License Agreeement criteria