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Request Loading Zone Permit


Contact :

Sheila Bradley @ 502-574-3893

  • A Loading Zone is a signed/marked spaced for trucks/vehicles to park while making/picking up deliveries or making service calls
  • Vehicles can only park for up to 30 minutes and flashers MUST be on in operation at all times
  • Loading Zone holders pay renewal fees during the month of December for the next calendar year.
  • A request is made by Contact Person in MetroCALL
  • An inspector will visit location of request. If location meets criteria, an application will be taken and forwarded to Contact Person
  • A Traffic Engineer may have to review location/request
  • If zone is approved, a letter will be sent for payment. If request is approved from February to November, the amount is pro-rated. If location is between 9th Street to Hancock and from River Road to Broadway the cost is $15.00 per linear foot. If zone is outside that area, the cost is $9.00 per linear foot.
  • After payment is received, the usual time frame for installation is 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Annual renewal letters are sent on December 1 for payment due by January
  • If payment is not received, zone will be removed without further notice.