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Curbside Pickup of Storm Debris Continues

Friday February 13, 2009

Where are Metro Crews Now?
Curbside collection has now begun in each pickup zone in Jefferson County. Where are crew now? Crews started in the areas that were last for pickup from the September 2008 wind storm, so crews will go through the pickup grid in reverse order. For example, in collection region “E”, crews will begin in box E-15 and go to E-14, E-13 and so on. To find your zone and learn more, go to our debris pickup page to see progress. If you don't know your zone, use our My Louisville mapping tool in the upper left area of this webpage to put in your address and see your zone number then go to our debris pickup page to see the progress map. 

No pickup in alleys
The only exception to curbside debris pickup is in alleys. Many alleys are too narrow for the heavy collection equipment. Residents who have large limbs should pull them to the nearest right-of-way.

If debris is small (less than three inches in diameter), residents may cut the branches into three-foot pieces, bundle them and leave them in the alley to be picked up as yard waste.

Collection dumpsters available to neighborhood groups, homeowners associations
Organizations, neighborhood groups or associations may apply to have a storm debris dumpster delivered and picked up from a neighborhood. Dumpsters are available on a first come, first served basis. Dumpsters will be left for up to three days. Groups may apply online.

Utilize your garbage hauler’s yard waste disposal
The mayor encouraged residents to review their garbage service’s guidelines on yard waste disposal. Most require limbs to be cut into lengths of about three feet, and for smaller branches to be bundled for collection.

“Many garbage services offer yard waste removal – and it may be easier for residents to simply utilize that disposal option,” Abramson said.

Don’t burn storm debris
Fire officials remind citizens: Do not burn storm debris. It creates fire hazards and requires unnecessary fire runs when firefighters are needed elsewhere.