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Safely Dispose of Old Medications

Friday April 1, 2011

City and partners offer three locations to safely dispose of old drugs

Louisville residents can safely get rid of their unused and expired medications during the bi-annual drug toss next week.

Drug Tosses will be held on April 9, at three locations:

  • J.B. Atkinson Elementary, 2811 Duncan Street
  • First Gethsemane Baptist Church, 1159 Algonquin Pkwy
  • UofL Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, 2800 S. Floyd Street

Medications should be tossed, and never flushed down the toilet, burned in the open, or thrown in the trash because:

· They can contaminate the environment if they get into drinking and ground water.

· They may kill bacteria or produce drug resistance bacteria in sewage treatment plants and septic systems.

· Burning can release toxic pollutants into the air.

· They can be scavenged from your trash receptacles to be illegally used or sold.

· They can be taken mistakenly and cause serious health problems.

Each drug toss runs from 10 am- 2pm

The drug toss is a drive-up event, so drivers do not need to leave their vehicle when dropping off medications.

Organizers ask residents to black out all personal information on ALL medication containers. They also ask citizens to place all tablets and capsules into a zip-lock bag prior to drop-off. Vials, bottled liquids and tubes should be placed in separate bags.

Accepted items:

· Expired or unused medications

· Bulk or loose tablets and capsules

· Medications that should have been kept cold but were not

Do not bring:

· Used or unused sharps, hypodermic needles and lances

· Cosmetics, personal care or hygiene items

No clinics, medical offices or pharmacies can participate.

Representatives from LMPD and Louisville Metro Solid Waste will be on hand to make sure all products will be safely collected and properly disposed according to EPA standards.

The drug toss is sponsored by: 7th Street Corridor PAL Coalition, Building Resiliency in Campus and Community (BRICC) Coalition, First Gethsemane Baptist Church, Louisville Metro Police Department, and Portland Now Prevention Partnership.