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Geographic Information Systems & Mapping

What is a GIS, you say?

GIS (which stands for Geographic Information Systems) is an intelligent mapping system that allows for the collection of data using “real world” geographic coordinates.

This information is useful in making maps, but it is also useful in decision making, such as natural disaster recovery, hazardous waste mitigation, environmental impact studies, epidemiology, criminology, and much more.  Almost everything has a geographic component that can be mapped.  

GIS: "An organized collection of computer hardware, software, geographic data, and personnel designed to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display all forms of geographically referenced information."

Public Works and Assets employs GIS to analyze and display information in a multitude of ways to provide robust decision support and asset management, as well as maintenance scheduling, data modeling and capital planning.

Want to know more?.....check out some of our resources:

LOJIC (Louisville Jefferson County Information Consortium)
     (KY Department of Geographic Information)
ESRI   (Environmental Research Systems Institute)
OGC    (Open Geospatial Consortium)

Click here to learn more about GPS and its use at the Public Works GIS Department.

Click here to see the GIS Map Collection.  

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Use the online form (click here) to submit your question or concern. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at 502-574-5810.


Metro Council Districts

Metro Council Districts
Jefferson County, KY

Planimetric and Topographic Data

Planimetric and Topographic Data

Planimetric and Topographic Data with Aerial Imagery

Planimetric and Topographic Data with Aerial Imagery