Can We Get The Speed Limit Lowered On Our Street To Slow Down Traffic?

Speeding is a problem that plagues most neighborhoods. As such, Traffic Engineering works closely with the Police Department to educate drivers and enforce speed laws in many areas of town.

Some widely held misconceptions are that speed limit signs lower the speed of traffic, reduce accidents and increase safety. However, most drivers pay little attention to speed limit signs, and drive at a speed that they consider comfortable. A driver's speed is more influenced by the appearance of the roadway and the prevailing traffic conditions than by the posted speed limit. In addition, research studies show there is no direct relationship between posted speed limits and the frequency of accidents. Non-the-less, posting appropriate speed limits establishes a steady flow of traffic, and simplifies the job of enforcement.

Speeds are based on Traffic Engineering Surveys that take into consideration the roadway conditions, accident records, and the speed of drivers. Speed limits are not always posted, but drivers are required to know to drive at a safe speed; this is referred to as the "Basic Speed Law" in the Uniform Vehicle Code.