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Snow Removal Stats

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Snow and Ice Removal by the Numbers

Approximately 3,000 miles of roads in Louisville:

- 1,362 miles cleared by the Snow Team

-2,721 two-lane miles covered by the Snow Team on designated snow routes

- 722 miles cleared by state of Kentucky, including all interstates

- 1,000 miles are neighborhood streets and less-traveled roads that are not cleared

- Some roads cleared by small cities and private contractors

First roads cleared:

- main thoroughfares

- school bus and TARC routes

- hospital routes

- highly-traveled secondary roads with hills or curves

- connectors to major businesses or factories.

Four Louisville Metro agencies responsible for snow removal:

- Public Works

- Solid Waste Management Services

- Metro Parks

- Codes and Regulations

265 employees from four agencies make up the Snow Team

160 pieces of equipment in the Louisville Metro snow-fighting fleet:

- 23 brine distributors; each holds 1,600 gallons of brine

- Two brine makers, which combined produce 10,000 gallons of brine per hour

- 930 miles covered by the city's brine routes, including main thoroughfares, hills and overpasses

38,000 tons of salt available for treating roads:

- 15,000 tons of salt on hand in salt domes and storage facilities
- 23,000 tons of salt stored underground for emergency reserve

18.1 inches – average yearly snowfall in Louisville.

15.9 inches - record 24-hour snowfall (January 16, 1994)