What Do I Need To Do To Get Speed Humps Installed On My Street?

Louisville Metro adopted a speed hump policy in July of 2007. If you live on a Metro maintained street posted at no more than 25mph you may qualify. The process is started by completed the speed hump investigation form which you will find on the Traffic Engineering webpage as a .pdf. Once you completely fill out and return the investigation form Traffic Engineering will conduct traffic studies. The criteria involved in qualifying for speed humps is contained in our speed hump policy, which is also on our webpage as a .pdf. If the street qualifies a Traffic Engineering staff member will place potential locations and provide a statement of cost to the resident requesting the speed humps. The resident will then need to circulate a petition to obtain at least 70% of the affected property owner’s approval. The affected property owners include those that reside, or property line is adjacent to, the street receiving the hump. We notify Emergency Services and the Roads Division if you are on the snow route. Louisville Metro Public Works and Assets will allow speed humps on our metro roads if the street qualifies, however we do not have a funding source for speed humps. The funding will need to come from the neighborhood.