Metro Storm Debris Pickup Information

Where are Metro Crews Now?
Storm Debris Pickup MapsCurbside collection is nearly complete. 

Crews started in the areas that were last for pickup from the September 2008 wind storm, so crews will go through the pickup grid in reverse order. For example, in collection region ā€œEā€, crews will begin in box E-15 and go to E-14, E-13 and so on. If you know your zone, go to the zone map below to see progress. If you don't know your zone, use our My Louisville mapping tool in the upper left area of this webpage to put in your address and see your zone number. Once you know your exact zone letter and number, use the map at the bottom of this page to see progress.  You may have to refresh your web browser once you have the map link loaded to see the latest map as they are updated continuously. 
Storm Debris Dumpster Application Form

Metro Private Roads
Within the Metro area, we have about 1,500 private roads. These are usually roads that are built for multiple-family dwellings, apartment complexes, condo associations, and mobile home parks. These private roads are not built or maintained by Louisville Metro Public Works.
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Storm Debris Zone Maps
If you know the zone you live in from the map below, you can also click on the zone link below to get the latest pickup status:

Note: After you click on a zone letter above, you should click "refresh" in your internet browser to make sure you are viewing the most up-to-date map. After you click a letter, you will then need to click on the map again to view it in full resolution and see your zone number clearly.