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'E-checks' added to options for paying occupational license taxes

Thursday April 6, 2006

Businesses and individuals who owe Occupational License Fees now have another convenient way of paying those taxes - by using an 'e-check'.

The new 'e-check' method of payment joins two other electronic or online forms of payment - ACH credits and credit cards - according to Mike Tronzo, director of the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission.

"Our goal is to offer access and convenience so that people have the option to go online - instead of standing in line - to pay what they owe."

Tronzo said the e-check method of payment is paperless, requires no postage, and no signup or PIN access is necessary. The e-checks also offer the flexibility of paying from a personal or business checking and savings account. The e-checks provide complete data security and reliability with e-mail confirmation available instantly.

Taxpayers using the e-check option pay a convenience fee to Official Payment Corp., which processes the transactions.

The Occupational License Fee is applied to business net profits and employee payroll withholdings. This tax generates more than $300 million in revenue each year – money that supports police and fire protection, roads, parks, garbage pickup and other Metro Government priorities. A percentage of the revenue also helps support the Jefferson County Public Schools and TARC.

Any business or company that does business in Louisville Metro, regardless of size, owes the Occupational License Fee, adopted in 1948. For most employees, it’s deducted from their paycheck, just like FICA or Social Security. The fee also applies to people who run their own business, do freelance work including work “on the side.”

Click here to view all the ways you can pay your Occupational License Fees online.

Click here to pay your Occupational License Fees using an e-check.

For more information, visit or call: 574-4860.