Instructions for Completing and Printing Editable PDF Forms

System Requirements:
  Adobe Reader, Version 8.16, or later.  Revenue Commission recommends using Adobe Reader X.  Click the following link to download Adobe Reader XI .

Completing OL-3 and OL-3 Extension Fill-in PDF Forms:  If you are completing these forms electronically, the forms use the features provided through Adobe products.  Both forms currently provide validations and limited computations. Please be advised there is no verification of the information you enter and you are still responsible for entering all required information accurately. Calculations on these forms are based on the information provided. The printed forms, supporting documents, and any payment due must be submitted to the Revenue Commission by the due date.  Actual tax assessment, penalty, and interest will be determined after complete review of the returns by the Revenue Commission.  You will need Adobe Reader, Version 8.16, or later installed on your computer to view, complete, and print the Revenue Commission's fill-in PDF forms.  If you are using a version of Adobe Reader prior to Version 8.16, the dialog box will indicate that some features of the document will not operate and you will be prompted to obtain a newer version of Adobe Reader. 

Completing forms:  Open the form using Adobe Reader.  Acrobat Reader will allow you to fill in, print out, and save the completed form.

Once the form is open, with the left-hand mouse button, click on the first field at the top left-hand corner of the page that needs to be completed and insert your text. Once the information has been entered, press the "tab" button on your keyboard to move to the next field. The "editable" form is set up to move from left to right across the page.  When completing check boxes, simply click in the box with your mouse or press the spacebar. To delete a checkbox, click in the box again or press the spacebar.

The font size for the text has already been preset, as well as the position for a decimal point in your tax figures.  Users do not need to use the paragraph return key after inserting text in the space provided.  Using the "enter" key to insert paragraph returns may push the text out of the field's available space.  Thus, causing it to disappear from the form. To check whether the contents of a field are visible, simply press "tab" to close the field or click anywhere outside the field. If the inserted text is not visible, try deleting or reinserting the text. To verify that the full text is visible, please print the page once you have completed the form. This is particularly important where several lines of text, such as  addresses or information in a supplementary schedule, have been filled in.

Printing forms: 
To print the completed form, users can print from the "file" menu or select the print icon. Once the print dialogue box is open, select the "fit to page" option. This ensures that the page that you see on the screen will correspond to the page printed by your printer. Failure to select this option may cause only parts of the form to be printed. 

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