Starting a "New" Business?

Are you starting a 'new' business within Louisville Metro, Kentucky?  If you are, we can help!  This step-by-step Business Licensing Guide was created to assist anyone that plans on conducting business within the boundaries of Louisville Metro, Kentucky, to successfully complete the necessary business registration requirements.  This guide will aid businesses or individuals seeking an Occupational License to operate or conduct business within Louisville Metro, Kentucky.  Please read through every step before starting our business licensing process provided below.  We wish you much success.

  • Read our Regulations and learn the rules and procedures that we follow to administer Occupational License Taxes on Wages and Net Profits imposed by and/or on behalf of the following:
    • Louisville Metro, Kentucky
    • Jefferson County and City of Anchorage School Boards
    • Transit Authority of River City Mass Transit Trust Fund
    • Louisville Metro, Kentucky, Insurance Premiums Tax
    • Louisville Metro, Kentucky, Truck, Taxi, and Coin Operated Amusement Taxes and Regulatory Permit Taxes
    • The Jefferson County Transient Room Tax

Effective July 1, 2008, Chapter 110 of the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Code of Ordinances relating to the Occupational License Tax was amended. The Regulations of the Metro Revenue Commission are currently being revised to reflect the changes in the Ordinance. As always, any interpretation of the Regulations which is inconsistent with the Ordinance is to be resolved in favor of the Ordinance. To view the amended Ordinance, click here.