Central Business District

Metro Solid Waste Management collects garbage from commercial establishments in the Central Business District using a semi-automated collection system. The Central Business District is comprised of the area generally bounded by Hancock on the east, Fifteenth Street on the west, Broadway on the south and the Ohio River on the north. This system not only makes garbage disposal more convenient, but also reduces the litter and health and safety hazards produced by uncontainerized garbage.

Our collection system requires that your trash be placed in special ninety-five gallon carts. Two carts will be provided to each business at no charge. A serial number printed on each cart identifies it as belonging to your address, but it remains the property of Louisville Metro. Additional containers may be purchased for $50 each and the number of containers a business needs is determined by the amount of waste set out for collection. To place an order for additional carts, please phone MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000.

Any business that chooses not to utilize the waste containers from the city must contract with a private collector or otherwise assure proper legal removal and disposal of solid waste from its premises.


  • Containers are emptied by collection crews seven days a week—Monday through Friday after 7 PM, Saturday and Sunday before 5 PM
  • It is unlawful for any person or business to place containers of trash, garbage or refuse of any kind in or on the streets or sidewalks of the Central Business
    District between the hours of 8 AM and 3 PM
  • Carts set out for collection must be placed as close as possible to the collection point (curb/street/alley) to ensure efficient collection.
  • Do not place paint, yard waste, flammable materials, ashes, charcoal or other hot materials in the carts.
  • Do not place hazardous or medical waste in the carts.
  • Use the wheels to move the cart.
  • Do not overload container. If it is too heavy, it can’t be emptied.
  • When you move, you may take any purchased container(s) with you. The two carts provided at no charge must remain at the property.


All repairs to containers will be made for free upon notification of damage by a business. However, containers damaged beyond repair by the business must be replaced by the business at its expense. To report a damaged cart, phone MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000.

  • Stolen cart(s) must be reported to MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000.
  • Business must provide the serial number of the stolen cart.
  • If the stolen cart(s) were provided by Louisville Metro, cart(s) will be replaced at no charge. There will be a charge for all additional stolen cart replacements. If the stolen cart is a purchased cart, the business will be charged for the replacement.