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Suburban Areas


Waste collection, recycling and yard waste services outside the Urban Services District (referred to as the Suburban Areas) depend on where in the Metro area you live. The City of Shively provides its own collection services. If you live in one of Jefferson County’s other small cities, your city administrator can tell you which private hauler your city uses. If you don't know the names of your city officers call MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000.

If you live in an unincorporated area of Jefferson County, you will need to contract a private waste collection company for service.

The Metro Waste Management District regulates private waste collection firms. These regulations require that waste haulers must offer the following services to residents: once a week curbside waste collection, curbside recycling and yard waste collection.

It is the responsibility of individual residents to contract with a waste hauler of their choice to receive garbage or recycling services. Each waste hauler offers different levels and options of the basic required services. Licensed waste haulers are listed under “Garbage and Rubbish Removal” in the Yellow Pages. If you live in an incorporated city within the Suburban Areas, please contact your mayor or city hall for information on waste collection in your city.

Under Metro Government waste management ordinances each individual residence or place of business is responsible for the: “…satisfactory storage, removal and disposal of all solid waste generated …” on their property.

In the Suburban Areas, households are also required to use cans that do not exceed 40 gallons in capacity or 60 pounds in weight. Yard waste may not be mixed with other waste anywhere in Louisville Metro. Residents must arrange for separate yard waste collection by their waste hauler or they may take yard waste to a commercial composting site.

For more information about Metro Solid Waste Regulations, call the Waste Management District at 574.3571.