Special Programs and Services

Storm DebrisThe Metro Division of Solid Waste Management provides special programs and services throughout the year to assist residents. These include responding to reports of illegal dumping, supervising litter pickup crews throughout Louisville Metro thru the Anti-Litter Campaign, and special events support which includes The Kentucky Derby, Thunder Over Louisville, Light Up Louisville, St. James Art Fair to name a few.  Other responsibilities include dead animal removal in the right-of-way, responding to requests for emergency services in the Urban Services District dealing with the results of storms and debris spilled on City streets. In addition, the division is an integral part of the Louisville Metro Snow Removal Program and is responsible for some 700 miles of roadway in the Urban Services District.


Metro Solid Waste, in partnership with Click here to go to Brightside's websiteBrightside, assists with volunteer cleanups coordinated by neighborhood, business and civic organizations. To schedule a cleanup, phone MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000 at least one month prior to the desired cleanup date.

Volunteers are needed throughout the year for our community-wide anti-litter campaign.


From March thru September, Metro Solid Waste, in partnership with the Metro Air Pollution Control District, accepts gasoline, electric, and human-powered lawn maintenance equipment and replacement batteries.  Rebate vouchers are issued as proof of recycling so participants can receive the larger bonus rebate instead of the standard rebate.  Only residents of Louisville Metro are eligible. Proof of residency is required for rebate (drivers license or other official state issued identification). Gas lawn mower and trimmer
  • All eligible equipment must be purchased new or factory reconditioned.
  • Only one rebate will be issued for each piece of equipment purchased.
  • For a Bonus Rebate, trade-in equipment must be gasoline, electric, or human-powered equipment and replacement batteries, similar to the new eligible electric, reel, or battery-powered equipment that will be purchased. The old equipment should be taken to one of the recycling centers listed below before you purchase your new equipment if you are purchasing your new equipment from a participating retailer. 
  • Participating Metro locations only accept mowers that are drained of all oil and gasoline.

For details on the dates and locations, check the home page Calendar of this website or phone Air Pollution Control at 574.5322.


For several weeks after Christmas, Metro Solid Waste, in partnership with Metro Streets and Road, and Brightside, provide the opportunity for "live" Christmas tree recycling at several locations throughout Louisville MetroChristmas Tree Recycling.  Residents and tree vendors are encouraged to recycle the trees and take the pine mulch home to use around plants, particularly acid-loving ones.  Mulch not taken be residents is used in various Metro Parks and at Brightsite locations.  For details on the dates and locations check the home page Calendar of this website or phone MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000.  Residents with yard waste pickup may set their trees out for pickup on their collection day.