Street Sweeping

(formerly the City of Louisville)

**There is no current schedule for street sweeping**

The Street Sweeping Unit is responsible for sweeping and flushing litter, debris and leaves on all curbed and uncurbed streets withinStreet Sweeper the Urban Services District. Street cleaning is scheduled from March through November, dividing the District into twelve residential areas. During this period, neighborhood streets are generally cleaned two times.

Streets in the Central Business District, the area bounded by Hancock on the east, Fifteenth Street on the west, Broadway on the south and the Ohio River on the north, are cleaned daily.

From December through February, street cleaning is determined by temperature/weather conditions.


Street cleaning signs are posted at least one work day between the hours of 7 AM and 5 PM before sweeping and the “No Parking” hours are 7 AM to 5 PM.  Vehicles parked in the designated "No Parking" areas are subject to a parking violation and/or subject to being towed.

When neighborhood streets are cleaned, all east/west streets are cleaned at the same time or all north/south streets are cleaned at the same time. Therefore, on street cleaning day, residents should park on a street which has a direction of travel different from the one posted for cleaning.

This unit also responds to winter-related emergencies such as snow and ice removal on roadways.