Most Common Violations and How to Prevent Them

Trash bags or improper container outside of cart: All garbage must be inside cart: Garbage outside of cart will not be collected.

Question: What if I don’t have enough room in my cart or i don't have a cart?

Answer: Additional carts can be purchased by calling MetroCall at 311 or 574-5000. If you can not afford an additional cart, assistance will be provided. Additional carts may be requested by completing the proper forms. Forms can be obtained by calling MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000 or downloading it online: Garbage cart request form (pdf). Recycling bin request form (pdf)

Cart Must Be Removed From Curb Or Alley After Collection
Always remove your carts or bins and store them inside your fence or close to your house in a safe and neat location on your property after collection. Carts that are stored in the same spot as they are collected would be a violation. Pick up loose litter each week.

Question: Why do I have to store my cart on private property?

Answer: Metro Government spends hundreds of thousands of dollars of your tax money each year replacing stolen carts or carts that are damaged by vehicles driving down the alley.

Reduces access to persons wanting to go through your garbage for various reasons such as aluminum collection or identity theft.

Keeps the alley/curbs neat and clean thus increasing property values.

Improper yard waste setout is separate from garbage collection. Tree limbs, branches and brush must be no greater than 2” in diameter, Must be cut into 4’ lengths, securely tied in bundles or contained in garbage cans or plastic bags weighing no more than 60 pounds each. Learn more.

Question: Why can’t I put yard waste in my city provided garbage cart?

Answer: Yard wastes are not placed in the landfill with normal garbage. Yard waste is sent to a composting facility.

Junk Setout Outside of Collection Schedule
Items may be set out no earlier than 4 pm Friday before the announced pickup week and no later than 6 am the Monday of the announced pickup week. Junk can only be setout during these periods. Collection will be the following week. Contact MetroCall 311 for your next "Setout Period."

Question: What can I do if I have junk and I can’t wait until one of my collection periods?

Answer: The Division of Solid Waste Management operates a Waste Reduction Center located at 636 Meriwether Avenue for residents to drop off bulk waste items. A fee is charged based on the size of the load. Learn more. Up to three household items can be disposed of for free at the Waste Reduction Center located a 636 Meriwether Avenue.