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Think “Recycle” First!
In 2012, Louisville Metro Government converted all of its deskside garbage bins into recycling bins.  Community garbage cans were placed at a central location within each office for items that could not be recycled. 

This simple switch has increased the collection of recyclable material by over 56% and diverted a total of 112 tons of material away from the landfill in the first six months!  Better yet, the program had almost no cost! 

A public awareness campaign was launched that included posters and emails from the Director of Sustainability.  See the links below for posters that you can use to launch your own program.

Maintenance staff service the recycling bins just as they had done with garbage bins.  When garbage is found in recycling bins, the maintenance staff will leave a “business card” politely explaining why the recycling bin was not emptied. 

This program has demonstrated that a slight shift in behavior can have a tremendous impact on the amount of material that is recovered for recycling!

Start Your Own Program
Use the documents below to help launch your own recycling program!
  • Recyclable Items Poster - An easy-to-read poster displaying pictures of common recyclable items and helpful hints for recycling.  Place these throughout your office and on recycling containers in public areas. 
  • Desk-side Recycling Notice Sign - Louisville Metro Government posted a version of this sign in the days and weeks leading up to the launch of our desk-side recycling program. 
  • Sign for Garbage Bins - Label your community garbage (landfill) bins with these signs.
  • Launch Day Desk-side Notice - We placed these signs on everyone's desk to remind them of the start of our desk-side recycling program.
  • Reminder Cards - The janitorial staff place these "business cards" on the desks of those who have garbage in their desk-side recycling bins. 

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desk-side recycling notice sign
 Metro Government's Desk-side       
 Recycling Notice Sign