Recycling at Events

Interested in recycling and waste reduction at your special event? We are here to help!

Louisville Metro's Solid Waste Management Services Division (SWMS) has developed a best practice guide and tip sheet to walk you through the steps of providing excellent recycling opportunities at your event! The guide and tip sheet will help you:

  • Select a recycling service provider that's right for your event
  • Select locations for recycling containers and dumpsters
  • Limit waste contamination in recycling containers
  • Provide tips for organizing a volunteer team to assist with collecting recyclable materials
  • Fulfill the recycling requirement for events with over 500 participants (beginning soon!)
  • Maximize recyclable material collected at your event!
Click here to review and/or print the best practice guide.

Click here for a  helpful tip sheet of things to keep in mind while planning for recycling at your event. 

Click here for a copy of the Recycling and Waste Reduction Plan template that must be completed and approved for all events anticipating over 500 participants. (Beginning soon!)

New recycling containers at Butchertown Art Fair

Did you know that all events serviced by Louisville Metro's Solid Waste Management Services automatically provide recycling bins and dumpsters?

In the near future, all events permitted through Louisville Metro Government with anticipated attendance of 500 or more will be required to provide recycling bins throughout the event venue regardless of the service provider. The best practice guide will help you prepare for this new and exciting initiative to increase recycling and reduce the amount of waste ending up in our landfills!