Reduce and Reuse

Wondering what to do with all of your extra stuff? 
Whether you are a business owner or an interested resident, this page serves as a resource for thinking about ways to:

  • Reduce the amount of stuff you don't really need, and 
  • Reuse some of the stuff you were thinking about throwing away. 

Buried in plastic bags?  When purchasing just a few items, consider telling the cashier you can just hold them in your hands. Or bring your own bag.

Looking for ways to "green" your business?  Reduce unnecessary packaging or offer a packaging return program to your customers.  Check out Recycling for Businesses to learn more!

Before you buy something new, consider if you already have something that will serve the same purpose. 

Creative reuse extends the useful life of items that would otherwise be thrown away.  Whether it be the reuse of a glass jar as a container for sugar, an old hat for a homemade costume, fabric from a t-shirt for a pillowcase, or buttons for a classroom art project, many everyday items can be reused and kept out of our landfills. Be creative!

For bigger items, such as kitchenware, furniture and household fixtures, there are many outlets that offer these items an extended life if you no longer have a use for them.  

Check out the resources below to learn more about extending the life of your stuff through reuse and/or donation.  

Good Garbage
Good Garbage is a Louisville-based non-profit that collects many items to be reused for art and craft projects.

Goodwill is a not-for-profit donation center and store with several regional locations for lightly-worn clothes, furniture, household items, and automobiles.

Habitat ReStore
Habitat ReStore is a not-for-profit donation center and home improvement store with several regional locations for furniture, household accessories, building materials, and appliances.

Freecycle provides a local online network that connects people with items to give away to those seeking specific items. All items are free.

Craigslist provides a local online network that connects people with items to give away to those seeking specific items. Items are typically sold at a negotiable price, but some are free.

Aware of other resources for reusing items? Send an email to us.

Reduce waste through reuse.