Louisville Metro Sustainability Initiatives

Yard Waste Collection
The Waste Management District Board passed a regulation specifying that residents who utilize yard waste collection services must use one of the following containers: reusable bin, paper bag, paper yard waste bag, or compostable plastic bag meeting ASTM D6400 standards.

For more information, visit Solid Waste Management Services.

Metro Managed Facilities - 100% Single-Stream Recycling

The Louisville Metro Office of Sustainability, in collaboration with Public Works and Assets, has launched the Louisville Metro Single-Stream Recycling Initiative.

This initiative serves to further Mayor Fischer’s goals of making city government more environmentally friendly while reducing waste material disposal costs. Louisville Metro seeks to set the highest standards for its recycling operations and all Louisville Metro managed buildings will participate in this initiative.

Public Works and Assets established a dedicated pick-up route and will measure the recyclables from each building allowing us to track the progress of the single-stream program against the established baseline.
City Hall

Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge

The Louisville Energy Alliance, a partnership between the city and several major commercial building associations, oversees the Kilowatt Crackdown competition.

The competition challenges building owners and operators in Louisville to track their energy use and strive to become more energy efficient, using the EPA’s ENERGY STAR - Portfolio Manager on-line benchmarking tool.

Winners are identified in three categories: Greatest Improvement in Efficiency, Most Efficient Building, and the Kilowatt Cup. The Kilowatt Cup recognizes superior achievement in energy management, overcoming unique obstacles and emphasizing energy efficiency through no-and-low-cost practices.

The 161 buildings that completed the 2011 contest saved over 28 million kilowatt hours (KWh) as compared to their energy use in 2010. That is the equivalent to more than 19,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from nearly 3,500 passenger vehicles.

To sign up for the Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge, visit


Green Team

The Office of Sustainability organized the Louisville Metro Green Team. The Green Team is a voluntary internal Metro government working group.

Its members represent a wide variety of departments and agencies and will set goals and develop programs to help Metro government become better environmental stewards and a greener place to work.

Green Roof Concept

The Metro Development Center (MDC), 444 S. 5th St., was Louisville Metro’s first green roof. Metro Landscape personnel installed an irrigation system and approximately 10,000 square feet area of native plants.

The Green Roof provides MDC with many environmental benefits, such as a reduction in storm water run-off, urban heat island mitigation, improved air quality, and added habitat for insects and birds. It provides insulation value, and the energy value is being tracked through Portfolio Manager monitoring software.

Louisville Metro Government also has vegetated green roofs at 635 Industry Road, 768 Barret Avenue, and on the Herp Aquarium at the Louisville Zoo. Energy Star reflective roofs (also known as "white roofs") have been installed at 635 Industry Road and 745 W. Main Street.

Green Roof Rendering
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Green Roof Rendering
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