Sustain Louisville

Sustain Louisville is Louisville’s first sustainability plan which heralds an exciting chapter in Louisville’s history and affirms Louisville Metro Government’s commitment to becoming one of the greenest cities in the country.

Sustain Louisville will guide the city and its many partners in uniting multiple sustainability objectives and creating far-reaching impacts. It serves as a foundational framework to shape citywide efforts, including public- and private-sector organizations and individuals, and to promote a vibrant, prosperous and healthy community. 

The Office of Sustainability will update this plan each year, showing progress on the stated goals and initiatives. 
Read 2013 Sustain Louisville Progress Report.

Sustain Louisville emphasizes three key objectives to successfully achieve the Office of Sustainability's mission and vision to embed sustainability into the culture of Louisville's citizens:

1. Protect the environment and reduce Louisville's carbon footprint.

2. Ensure the health, wellness and prosperity of all citizens.

3. Create a culture of sustainability.

Sustain Louisville is divided into six focus areas, each with specific initiatives and metrics to help achieve these overall objectives. These include energy, environment, transportation, economy, community and engagement. Within each focus area is a starting point for the city's sustainable initiatives and are identified as Underway, Planned or Proposed.

Achieving the sustainability goals set out in Sustain Louisville will require the efforts city government as well as the many partnerships and concerted efforts of 750,000 citizens who have a role in helping Louisville become a truly sustainable city. Discover easy ways to help us achieve our goals by reading the report.

THE ENERGY SECTION provides information regarding both citywide and city government energy use and identifies existing and proposed initiatives. The goals and initiatives completion dates range from one year to the long-term alternative energy goals of 2025 and focus on energy conservation and the pursuance of renewable energy options.

THE ENVIRONMENT SECTION provides goals and initiatives that promote clean air, clean water and reducing waste. Addressing the vital topics of climate adaptation and resilience is included in this section as well as water quality and waterway protection.

THE TRANSPORTATION SECTION identifies efforts that are planned or underway such as the city's Multimodal Strategic Transportation Plan and the state's Metropolitan Transportation Plan, and sets goals to include sustainability elements in each plan.

THE ECONOMY SECTION describes existing and proposed efforts to promote a clean economy and foster economic development. Prosperity in the community is a key element in developing a more sustainable city.

THE COMMUNITY SECTION includes health and equity as well as sustainable land management. Connecting the community with the natural environment helps promote healthy living, environmental awareness and improves the overall quality of life in Louisville. This section also highlights the value of trees in combating the urban heat island effect and as an element of green infrastructure. Wastewater management and green infrastructure goals and initiatives are also included in this section.

THE ENGAGEMENT SECTION discusses perhaps the most vital aspect of Sustain Louisville. An engaged and aware community is the most effective way to advance sustainability. The goal of this section is to educate the community and inspire everyone to do their part to achieve Sustain Louisville's goals.

Similar to sustainability itself, Sustain Louisville is intended to be comprehensive in nature and is designed to set a course for long-term aspirations. Sustain Louisville will be updated annually and the progress toward meeting the goals and completing initiatives will be reported, allowing the community to track the progress being made and see the impact of their sustainable actions.