The Tree Advisory Commission will consist of the following representatives:

  • Mayor-appointed Chair or Co-Chairs
  • Member of the Metro Council appointed by the Metro Council president
  • Director of Economic Growth and Innovation, or designee
  • Up to 12 citizen members appointed by Mayor, with one from each of the eight senatorial districts, and up to four members appointed as members at large
  • Ex-officio members, who shall be non-voting members of the Commission
    • City Arborist
    • Representative of Parks Department
    • Representative of Air Pollution Control District
    • Representative of Planning and Design Services

Standing Committees
Education/Community Outreach
Co-Chairs: Monica Orr, Lisa Dettlinger

Co-Chairs: Mike Hayman, Paul Cappiello

Chair: Henry Heuser, Jr.

Inventory/Scientific Data
Co-Chairs: Shane Corbin, Margaret Carreiro

Chair: Gordon Garner

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