Jefferson County Naturalization Index


Before the United States Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service accepted jurisdiction over naturalizations on a national basis, local jurisdiction courts recorded citizenship proceedings. This included both the Declaration of Intent and the Petition for Naturalization.

For additional information about the process, follow this link to the National Archives Immigration Records history. 

The Naturalization Index is a card index, alphabetically arranged by the surname of the petitioner.  Each card contains the name of the petitioner, the name or code/abbreviation of the court before which the proceedings took place, and the volume and page number of the court order book.  The card index appears to have been compiled over many years from older naturalization indexes belonging to each of the series of court records.  All the cards have been alphabetically arranged into one composite naturalization index which is housed at Louisville Metro Archives, 536 Industry Rd, Louisville KY.

Please note:  Women and minor children were generally naturalized "automatically" when the husband/father became a citizen.  However, single women and widows were sometimes naturalized in their own name (even though there was no real advantage to do so).  For more information, read this article from the National Archives.

The records of the listed local courts contain citizenship proceedings within the dates provided below.




Old Circuit Court -Common Law  
    (State Archives)       
Circuit Court - Criminal Division
    (Jefferson Circuit Court Clerk)
Louisville Police Court
    (Metro Archives)
(Filson Historical Society)

LPC. LPC Nat or PCNB  
**LPC Books C and J        
Jefferson County Court
     Minute Order Books 20-55
    (Metro Archives)
CC 1851-1896
     Naturalization Books 1-8
    (Metro Archives)
NB 1897-1906
Jefferson Quarterly Court
QC 1852-1892
Jefferson Circuit Court
    (Metro Archives)
JCC 1892-1911

It must be noted that some of the references in the card index cite court records which are lost.  Two examples of original court records known to be missing, but which are incorporated into the card index, are the Minute Order Books  1-6 of the Jefferson Quarterly Court and the Order Books A, B, and D-K of the Louisville Police Court.

Original records currently stored at Louisville Metro Archives are indicated, above, in italics.

Surname Index for names beginning with:

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