Metro Government Locations

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Downtown Civic District

Note: To contact Louisville Metro Government, Contact MetroCall or dial 311
Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

To find parking, see our locations here.


1. Metro Hall
527 West Jefferson Street (6th and Jefferson)
Mayor's Office
County Clerk - Get a marriage license, pay delinquent real estate taxes, visit the deed room/probate records, business names, corporations, deeds/mortgages, executive orders, name changes, wills, liens and lien releases and Notary Commission.
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Metro Hall

2. Metro Hall Annex

517 Court Place (Directly behind Metro Hall at 6th and Court Place)
Metro Human Resources - Apply for a job with Metro Government. (You can also apply online here.)

Metro Hall Annex

3. Fiscal Court Building

531 Court Place (Behind Metro Hall at 6th and Court PLace)
County Clerk - Automobile licensing, legal document recording, file property liens, delinquent real estate taxes, register to vote. (See hours & other locations)
Sheriff's Office
- Collect property taxes, vehicle inspections.
Property Valuation Administration, (PVA)

Fiscal Court Building

4. City Hall
(6th and Jefferson)
601 West Jefferson Street
Metro Council - Go to a Metro Council meeting, visit your council member, visit the Metro Council Clerk.

City Hall

5. City Hall Annex (Jefferson just west of 6th)
611 West Jefferson Street
Metro Finance
Metro Internal Audit

City Hall Annex

6. Louisville Metro Police
(7th and Jefferson)
633 W. Jefferson Street
Louisville Metro Police

Police Headquarters

7. Hall of Justice
(6th and Jefferson)
600 West Jefferson Street
Circuit Court Clerk - The Executive Offices are located in the Hall of Justice. This office has general jurisdiction over all court cases, including district and Family. (Note: Circuit Court courtrooms are located in the Judicial Center)
County Attorney - Collect a cold check, file a criminal complaint, file a juvenile complaint, file for child support
District Court – Warrant Intake, Traffic, Felony/Misdemeanor, Domestic Violence, Drug Court, Mental Inquest/Disability, and Ecology divisions. Fines can be paid here 24/7, emergency protective orders (EPO) are taken here 24/7 on all holidays and weekends (Note: During the week from 3:30 p.m. until 7:30 am EPO's are taken in the Family Court office on the first floor of the Judicial Center), city and county ordinances, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, probate of wills, felony preliminary hearings, small claims, juvenile matters and civil cases involving $4,000 or less are all District Court matters, as well as voluntary and involuntary mental commitments and cases relating to domestic violence and abuse.
Louisville Metro Police - Pay a speeding ticket. Visit the Police website to report an accident, report a crime or tip, send a request, question or concern, file a complaint, and more.

Hall of Justice

8. Judicial Center
(7th and Jefferson)
700 West Jefferson Street
Circuit Court Clerk
Family Court
Court of Appeals
Supreme Court
(Note: Circuit Court courtrooms are located in the Judicial Center)

Judicial Center

9. Old County Jail
(6th and Liberty)
514 West Liberty Street
Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
Commonwealth's Attorney
Criminal Justice Commission
Planning Commission
Drivers Licensing Branch

Old Jail

10. Metro Corrections
(6th and Liberty)
400 South Sixth Street
Metro Corrections

Metro Corrections

11. Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD)
(8th and Liberty)
700 West Liberty Street
502-587- 0603
Metropolitan Sewer District - Many of MSD's services are online. However, customers visit their main office for: customer service issues, service requests, paying assessments, purchasing new connections, development plan reviews, contractor and vendor bidding.


12. Metro Development Center

444 South Fifth Street
Inspections, Permits & Licenses - Business, development and property permits and licenses
Metro Development Authority
Planning & Design Services
Public Works


13. Youth Detention Center (
8th and Jefferson)
700 West Jefferson Street
Youth Detention Center - Visit a youth in detention.

14. Revenue Commission 

617 West Jefferson Street
Revenue Commission - Register your business, file occupational license tax returns, and pay the appropriate taxes.

City Hall Annex

15. Parking Authority of River City (PARC)
517 South 4th Street (Across from The Seelbach)
PARC - Obtain monthly parking, pay monthly parking, be added to a waiting list, pay parking citation, report a broken or malfunctioning meter, purchase a SmartCard


16. Louisville Metro EMS Headquarters / Louisville Metro EMS CPR Training Center
437 South 3rd Street
Louisville EMS - CPR training / classes, EMS billing department


Other Locations:

Urban Government Center
810 Barret Avenue

For additional questions about this location and the services offered plesae call MetroCall at 311.

Services include:

810 Barret Avenue

Central Government Center
7201 Outer Loop

For additional questions about this location and the services offered plesae call MetroCall at 311.

Services include:

Southwest Government Center
7219 Dixie Highway

For additional questions about this location and the services offered plesae call MetroCall at 311.

Services include:

East Government Center
200 Juneau Drive

For additional questions about this location and the services offered plesae call MetroCall at 311.

Services include:

Health Department Main Branch
400 East Gray Street
Health Department - Take a Tai Chi or aerobics class, TB testing and treatment, get a record of a birth or a death, get a temporary food service permit, get food service manager certification, get free condoms, get lifeguard and pool attendant certification, get health education materials, attend a meeting.

Health Department

Louisville Fire Headquarters/Fire Prevention Bureau
1135 W. Jefferson Street
Louisville Fire - Headquarters for Fire Chief Greg Frederick and his staff, location for Truck 1, Engine 2 & Rescue 2 which provide high angle rope rescue, dive rescue, & swift water rescue as well as fire suppression for the community. The Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) provides free public education materials and has comprehensive files of buildings inspected in the city. This is the location of the CPR Center. The CPR center provides educational materials, supplies and conducts classes for CPR certification as outlined by the American Heart Association.

Louisville Fire

Louisville Metro Housing Authority
420 South Eighth Street
(502) 569-3400
For information regarding public housing.

701 Vine Street
(502) 560-6060
For information regarding Section 8 housing.

Louisville Metro Housing

Louisville Metro Housing

Air Pollution Control Board (APCD)
850 Barret Avenue
APCD - Attend Air Pollution Control Board meetings and related meeting, review or submit comments on documents out for public review during the comment period: proposed APCD regulations, proposed air pollution permits, proposed Air Pollution Control Board orders and agreements, Apply for or pay the fee for an air pollution permit, apply for or pay the fee for an asbestos permit for renovation or demolition of a commercial building, apply for or pay the fee for a permit for an open fire (other than a fire solely for personal cooking): recreational fire, agricultural burn or training fire for firefighters, pay a penalty assessed for violating air pollution regulations.


Metro Police Records
768 Barret Avenue
Metro Police - Vehicle accident reports, incident reports, background checks and records checks.

Metro Police Records

Metro Archives    
635 Industry Road
(Corner of 7th Street and Industry) 
Available for public to visit, featuring genealogy reference library with microfilm from the County Clerk (Late 18th to 20th century information).