Home Incarceration Program (HIP)

HIP monitors juveniles (14-17 years old) in the community who the Court determines do not require secure detention.
Designed for 45 juveniles, senior social workers monitor compliance with house arrest guidelines, school attendance and court appearances through electronic equipment and routine visits 24-hours a day.
Juveniles placed on HIP are those alleged to have committed property offenses or Class C or D felonies.
Juveniles alleged to have committed a Class A or B felony or offenses involving a weapon, status offense, trafficking in a controlled substance and all sexual offenses as defined in KRS.510, are not considered appropriate referrals.
Juveniles on HIP may attend school or work, but job search will not be allowed. Youth may also attend religious services once a week, with a parent, not to exceed two and one-half hours including travel.
Juveniles are assigned a daily fee according to an established pay scale ranging from a minimum $1.00 per day up to a maximum $5.00 per day.

Who is not eligible for HIP?:

  • Juveniles with no land line phone service in the home
  • Juveniles with no electricity in the home
  • Juveniles who reside in a home with someone who has a pacemaker

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