Home Supervision Program (HSP)

HSP is the least restrictive option in the detention continuum and is designed to supervise 30 juveniles pending court disposition.
Social workers monitor compliance through a Behavior Contract which addresses school, curfew, and chores.
Juveniles placed on HSP are those alleged to have committed status, misdemeanor or low level felony offenses.
Youth may be referred from APS, Secure Detention or HIP if he/she demonstrates acceptable behavior and has receptive parent(s) or legal guardian.
HSP will assign cases with a face-to-fact contact within 48-hours of a court referral.
The program provides two levels of supervision. During the first two weeks, there will be two face-to-face contacts per week.  During subsequent weeks, there will be one face-to-face contact each week and two phone calls per week.
Youth will be seen at home with the parent/guardian, and at school.  Behavior reports are submitted to the Courts.
Failure to abide by the Behavior Contract and program rules will result in possible referrals to Secure Detention, HIP or APS.

Mark Rudolph
Social Services Supervisor
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