Visitation Information

  • Only parents and/or legal guardians, lawyers, and social worker are allowed to visit. 
  • Residents are only allowed to have two (2) visitors per visit.
  • The only item a visitor (parent/legal guardian) is allowed to take into visitation is a form of picture identification.  
  • Visitors may not accept anything from or give anything to the resident.  The introduction of contraband (drugs, cigarettes, matches, lighters, etc.) into the Youth Detention Center during visitation will result in disciplinary action for the resident, suspension of visitation privileges, and legal action, if warranted. 
  • Children/friends will not be allowed to stay in the waiting area while parents/legal guardians are in visitation.  
  • Once visitation starts, no one is allowed to leave the area for any reason. 
  • Visitors may embrace their child at the beginning and end of visitation, providing safety and security are not threatened.  There will be no physical contact during visitation (no touching, holding hands, etc.). 
  • Visitation with parents/legal guardians may be temporarily restricted, according to the facilities' behavior management program regulations, regarding acceptable resident behavior.  
  • Special visitations are earned by residents on a certain behavioral level (Super Honors).