Lawn Care for Cleaner Air



Go Green, Save Green with Big Rebates on Electric Lawn Equipment. 

It’s no secret that gas-powered lawn equipment is bad for the air. It’s old technology, like driving a car without a catalytic converter, producing dirty, unfiltered emissions.  In fact, one hour of mowing with a typical gas-powered lawnmower produces the same amount of smog-forming pollution as driving your car for 200 milesenough to go from Louisville to Nashville. These emissions contribute significantly to ground-level air pollution and are especially harmful to sensitive groups such as children and the elderly.

The Lawn Care for Cleaner Air Program encourages Louisville Metro residents to reduce these harmful lawn-related air emissions by using much cleaner electric and human-powered lawn equipment. 

Through the Lawn Care for Cleaner Air Program, Louisville Metro residents can get rebates on:

(1/3 acre or less)

(1/3 acre or more)

As you can see, the clean air savings are substantial:

If you have questions about the Lawn Care for Cleaner Air Program, please e-mail us or call us at (502) 574-6000.

If you want to have less grass to mow to begin with, check out our Grow More Mow Less program page.

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