Park Hill Transportation Study

In 2006 and 2007, the Economic Development Department received grants from Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA) to study the Park Hill Industrial Corridor’s transportation patterns, and to identify needed improvements.

The transportation planning study, conducted by ENTRAN, a local transportation consultant, was done in two phases - the first phase  described existing conditions, and was completed in June 2007; the second phase dealt with redevelopment scenarios and their impact on mobility.

The study focuses on industrial freight traffic patterns, workplace accessibility for area residents, and connectivity to surrounding neighborhoods, including bike, pedestrian and transit. The study will complement the current master planning process, and it will help with understanding the current condition of the corridor’s transportation infrastructure and present alternative scenarios.

Click the following links to read full reports:
Park Hill Transportation Study Phase I
Park Hill Transportation Study Phase I Appendices
Park Hill Transportation Study Phase II