Regional Farmers Market Feasibility Study

Market Ventures and Karp Resources have completed a $150,000 Regional Farmers Market Feasibility Study, in a collaborative effort to expand the local food economy of Louisville and surrounding counties and communities. The Economic Development Department received a $75,000 grant from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund, with the $75,000 balance being met by a partnership of city government and private partners.

The study identifies and makes recommendations on key elements needed to increase Kentucky farm products’ share in Louisville’s food market system. Such elements include effective logistics and distribution strategy and/or facilities, processing centers, consolidated modern cooling facilities, new retail outlets and farmers’ markets, or collaborative marketing channels.

The project will consider a public market at a highly visible downtown Louisville site that will attract new customers from untapped groups of consumers and provide farmers with a unique direct market opportunity.

Importantly, in achieving its goals, the project will support and build upon the existing network of farmers’ markets, facilities and initiatives.

Executive Summary

Full Report (1 MB)