The business, activities and affairs of Commission on Public Art (COPA) will be managed by its members who shall be the Mayor or designee, a member from Metro Council appointed by Council president and seven citizens appointed by the Mayor and approved by the council.

The current COPA members are as follows:

Nicole Candler, Owner, Nic Creative Public Relations

Mary Carothers, Faculty, U of L, Fine Arts

Patti Clare, Mayor Representative

Bryce Hudson, artist

Chris Radtke, past MACOPA co-chair, COPA Chair, co-owner Zephyr Gallery

Daniel Ruskin, attorney

Glen Stuckel, Council Representative

Suzanne Weaver, Curator for Contemporary Art, J.B. Speed Art Museum

Shannon Westerman, Director, Louisville Visual Art Association

Anna Tatman, past MACOPA co-chair, COPA Advisor, owner Rosa Mosaic & Tile

Sarah Lindgren, Public Art Administrator

Kristin King Gilbert, Collection Management Consultant