Volunteer with COPA

COPA volunteers assist in researching and physically documenting works in Louisville Metro Government’s Permanent Collection. Volunteer duties may include any or all of the following:

  • Gathering complete and accurate information on the PHYSICAL CONDITION on art objects in public space that Metro government is responsible for maintaining. This includes photographing and measuring objects as well as working with the Technology Department to determine the geographical coordinates of each object.
  • Conducting ART HISTORICAL RESEARCH into the background of objects, including artist biography, provenance and object history. This will involve collecting documentation on each object for its physical file (copies of articles, passages in books, website pages).
  • Scanning paper documentation on art objects to CREATE DIGITAL FILES for inclusion in the Permanent Collection database.
  • ENTERING INFORMATION collected on the physical and art historical background of each object into the object database spreadsheets.
Volunteer assignments will be made by COPA staff based on the interests and expertise of each volunteer as well as the needs of COPA’s Collection Management project.

To volunteer, please sign up here.