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Louisville has been described as the gateway to the north... and to the south; an entry to the west... or in the middle of it all. Louisville is all of this. We are within a day's drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population, and we are an eclectic mix of all regions, plus a regional hub of 24 surrounding counties in Kentucky and Indiana.

There is much you probably already know about Louisville. We are home to Churchill Downs, the site of the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports - the Kentucky Derby. We are home to the Louisville Slugger. Muhammad Ali was born here and many of the world's great bourbons, from Maker's Mark to Jim Beam to Woodford Reserve, are distilled in the Louisville area.

What you probably don't know is what Louisville is becoming. Downtown is reinventing itself. Large-scale projects are leveraging new investments and exciting projects.

We have nearly 3,000 condos and apartments in downtown - with more planned – with 86% occupancy rate.

Three Fortune 500 companies recently have made major commitments in Louisville. United Parcel Service, which has its air hub in Louisville, announced a $1 billion expansion of WorldPort, its sorting and package facility located at Louisville International Airport. Humana, a health care company, announced a 1,100-job expansion and expanded its downtown headquarters. Kindred spun off a new pharmaceutical company, merging with PharMerica LongTerm Care, to create PharMerica Corp.

We opened a new $252 million downtown multi-purpose arena, which already is proving to be a buzzing community center scheduled with family and sporting events. Our research park continues to grow, with new tenants continuing to move to Louisville, and a new building going up. And we are expanding our parks, adding 4,000 acres of new parks and a 100-mile hiking and biking trail encircling the city. It's one of the largest urban parks expansion projects in the nation.

And that's just the beginning... In Louisville, anything's possible.

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