Economic Development Newsroom

Future Development Plans Unveiled For Technology Park

Monday April 12, 2004

– Mayor Jerry Abramson today unveiled details for revitalization efforts at Technology Park, which will include the expansion of several existing tenants and plans for new retail developments that will result in additional jobs.
“The face of Technology Park is about to change in a way that will benefit our economy and our community,” Abramson said. “We will be adding retail developments that will better serve the surrounding neighborhoods while also adding jobs that add to our community’s economic vibrancy.”

As part of the revitalization efforts, Titan Research & Development, which is managing the park, is developing a multi-use, state-of-the-art commercial and industrial park.

In addition, about 175 new jobs are being added immediately, with Raytheon, Whelan Tools, Integrated Consulting Services and Applied Surface Technology expanding and adding new investment to their operations. About 1,200 employees already are based at Technology Park.

Abramson also lauded the efforts of Sen. Jim Bunning and Rep. Anne Northup who both played an important role in securing the transition of ownership of the old Naval Ordinance property to Louisville Metro.
“Their leadership and commitment to this project has been critically important,” Abramson said. “The revitalization effort at Technology Park has been years in the making. The efforts of Sen. Bunning and Rep. Northup in Washington will pay off in the creation of new jobs and economic development for our hometown.”

New retail space will be built along the front of the park, giving a new face and feel to both the park and the surrounding neighborhood. Plans for the park also include a new 60,000 square-foot building that will be built to specification, with construction slated to begin in Spring 2005.

Titan Project Director Jeff Cahall said community leaders and neighborhood representatives have been clear about their vision for the park.

“We all want the same thing for Technology Park – we want an attractive, revitalized park teaming with a variety of businesses and services, including retail, office, commercial and industrial,” Cahall said.