Real Time for Retail Challenge

The city has partnered with TARC to launch an innovation challenge to help the Louisville community realize the commercial benefits of public transportation.

TARC announced a new capability that now gives Louisville residents and visitors access to real-time data about when the next bus will arrive at each scheduled stop.

Mayor Fischer has issued an Innovation Challenge, seeking innovative and creative entrepreneurs, hackers and makers in designing software or hardware applications that harness this real-time data and use it to empower citizens to use TARC for getting out to shopping and dining areas of our community that they might not otherwise visit.

The “Real Time for Retail” Innovation Challenge is offering $1,000 in cash awards for entries judged to best meet the following contest criteria:

1) The entry uses TARC real time data for at least one TARC route.

2) The entry is easy for the average consumer to use.

3) The entry appears likely to increase the patronage for a Louisville retail establishment (restaurant, shopping, etc.).

4) The entry has convincing testimonials from users and retail establishments.

In order to gain access to the data, send the following information in the form below:
Email Address
Web Address
Business name
Contact Phone Number
IP Address of server accessing GTFS Data

To familiarize yourself with the Google GTFS feeds and their standards, visit: 

In order to participate, read the TARC Developer agreement:

The static feed is located here:

The real-time feeds are located here:

For more information, click on the following links.
Project Description
Terms and Conditions

Entries will be considered official when they have successfully registered to use the TARC GTFS Real Time API. Once registered, participants will receive instructions on how to submit entries. Deadline is Friday, February 21, 2014.

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