Who's Participating?

It's always more fun to do a project or take on a challenge with a friend. Read about community advocates who will be participating and what they have to say about it.

Mayor Greg Fischer, Louisville Metro:
Every citizen who receives food stamps has a different story and faces different challenges, and this is a great way to raise awareness of the impacts of poverty and hunger.

Attica Scott, District 1, Louisville Metro Council:
I'm in! As someone who grew up in poverty in Beecher Terrace, and who has lived paycheck-to-paycheck, I know all too well the reality of hunger.

Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, Director, Louisville Metro Dept of Health & Wellness:
I'm taking the SNAP Challenge for 3 days. Groceries purchased and my first thoughts are, that's a lot of carbs! All other updates will be on twitter @DrLNesbitt

Lynn Rippy, YouthBuild Louisville:
Working with young people over the past 35 years, I have witnessed first-hand the hunger they endure on a daily basis. Many of our communities' adolescents are literally responsible for feeding their brothers and sisters. Take the challenge to see what families face trying to feed their children and themselves on $4.24 per day. SNAP benefits are a lifeline to many of our neighbors.

Kathy Silliman
My sister-in-law is part of the SNAP program in Indiana. She started out getting $200 a month. But when she finally got disability (she has degenerative hip disease), her food stamps were decreased to $69/month. She only get $710. She is currently looking for an apartment. Due to her limited funds this is very difficult. Sixty-nine dollars does not go very far in today's economy so she has to make sure she budgets out of the $710 dollars for any more food that she may require. I understand and feel that is fine to reduce the amount of food stamps you receive, but it needs to be realistic. There is no way that $710 and $69 in food stamps is adequate to live off of.

Marta Miranda
I am in for a week, it is crucial for all of us to experience the reality that our families living in poverty experience every day trying to feed themselves and their families. I grew up in a immigrant/refugee neighborhood in New Jersey and know the heart ache of not being able to afford to properly eat. Today I spend $4.00 at a starbucks, it seems ludicrous that a person is expected to feed themselves all day with this amount.

  • I started the challenge Sunday, I am hungry and angry plus my energy level has diminished since I am eating bread and fruit mostly. I am eating an egg a day. Very aware that this is a week activity for me and not how I will have to live for months, aware of my privilege and angry that this is considered acceptable for our families living in poverty. Found that a sweet potato, apples and eggs are my friends on this budget.

Nikki Rhodes
Inviting my friends to accept the challenge also.

Devin Pantess
I am going to try this next week. I am currently 5'10", 165-lb. male.

Kat Baker
Just saw this. Gonna start this next week. 7 days my whole family, even the high schooler.

Kathy Harrison, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness
Karen Omietanski
Lee Wiard
Chelsea Richardson-- 15 days
Ruth Dworin—5 days
Brittany Sutton—5-7 days
Kay Coffey—15 days
Tim McCleod – 7 days
Edward Jay – 7 days
Marlon Lark – 5-7 days
Robin Thixton – I would like to sign up for 5 day challenge.
Kenyae Black - I want to do the SNAP challenge for one week.