What if there is free food and coffee at a meeting, or someone brings food into the office? Can I eat it and still be living on the SNAP budget?

Try to resist freebies during the SNAP Challenge! Just ask yourself whether a person living on a SNAP budget would have access to the same free food and drink. For example, your office may offer you fresh coffee or snacks during meetings – but until the SNAP Challenge is over, you should be bringing coffee or food from home or going without.

Can I use the spices and staple ingredients that are already in my cupboard during the SNAP Challenge?

Spices and condiments are ok to use if you already have them, but try to use only the food that you’ve purchased for the Challenge as a general rule. Staples like milk, bread, flour and oil should be purchased if you plan to use them for cooking during the time you’re participating in the Challenge.

What if a friend invites me over for dinner?

If you’re invited to a meal during the SNAP Challenge, bring a dish from home to eat. It’s a good opportunity to talk about your experience!

What can’t I include in my SNAP Challenge budget?

The following items cannot be purchased with SNAP benefits and should not be part of your SNAP Challenge budget:

  • Prepared foods (such as a rotisserie chicken)
  • Fast food
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes

For More Information:
Here are some websites that provide information about SNAP participation in Kentucky, healthy eating, and other related information: