Loan Programs

The Economic Development Department's loan programs support entrepreneurial and small business endeavors, which are the backbone of our local economy.

Because metro government is not the primary lender, the loan program allows many public-private partnerships between government and private business ventures that further the vitality and quality of life in the Louisville community.

These loans are approved by, and made in conjunction with, the Metropolitan Business Development Corporation (METCO). 

You can get pre-screened for a loan by filling out this form.

Louisville Agribusiness Loan
The Louisville Agribusiness Loan is a low-interest tool targeted to assist businesses processing food grown by Kentucky farmers. The loan is targeted to contract packers or co-packers, food cooperatives, distilleries and wineries, dairy products processors, distributers, and processed products manufacturers.

To be eligible, businesses must locate in the Portland Neighborhood, provide employment opportunities for Portland residents, and demonstrate that major ingredients in their product come from Kentucky farmers.

Business Loan
The Business Loan provides up to 25% of project costs up to $100,000, in gap financing, to small businesses. This loan can be financed up to 10 years at a minimum rate of 5%.

Small and Disadvantaged Business Loan
The Small and Disadvantaged Business Loan provides up to 50% of project costs, or $100,000, in gap financing to minority or women-owned businesses at market rates. This loan can be financed up to 10 years at 5%.

Go Green Loan
Small businesses can take advantage of a below market-rate incentive program aimed at increasing energy efficiency and creating “green” jobs. These loans can be used for energy-efficiency upgrades, or businesses creating green products or services.

Facade Loan
The Facade Loan is available to commercial property owners to revitalize neighborhood commercial corridors in Louisville. Facade loans are awarded for exterior property improvements, including window and door replacements, storefronts, masonry repair, siding, painting, carpentry, signage, and landscaping.

Facade loans are offered at a fixed interest rate of 3% over 10 years, making this an attractive program for revitalizing large target areas. Loans are typically secured with a lien on the improved property and the personal guarantee of the borrower.

Accessibility Loan
Accessibility Loans are offered to commercial property owners for the purpose of making buildings more accessible to people with physical disabilities.

Loans are limited to $5,000 for exterior or interior accessibility improvements. Accessibility Loans are restricted to ingress and egress improvements, including but not limited to: accessible paths of travel, doors, handrails, threshold adjustments, and bathroom alterations. Funds are loaned at a maximum of 100% of the total approved project at a fixed interest rate of 3% with maximum maturity of 4 years. Accessibility Loans are typically secured with a lien on the improved property and the personal guarantee of the borrower.

Brownfields KEOZ Redevelopment Loan
The Brownfields KEOZ Redevelopment Loan provides financing for economic development in older industrial areas. Companies who want to acquire, assess and remediate property for use or resale, or to construct and install buildings and fixtures for industrial use may be eligible for the loan program if they are located in the qualified Kentucky Economic Opportunity Zone. This loan is collateralized by a mortgage on the subject property.

Brownfield Cleanup Loan Program (BCLP)
This loan offers below-market rate loans to brownfield property owners and prospective purchasers with the objective to assist in the cleanup of brownfield properties to return them to productive use.

BCLP provides financing only for the environmental cleanup portion of the total costs of a real estate redevelopment project on a brownfield site. To learn about available assistance with environmental assessments please see information on our Brownfields Assessment Program

The program is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and participation requires property eligibility, public participation, and compliance with Federal rules and regulations. Applicants for this program must be deemed eligible for funding by staff prior to submitting a loan application.

For more information, call 502.574.4140.

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