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Please read the Guidelines page carefully. If, after reading through the information, you still have questions, please do not hesitate to call the Mayor's Office of Special Events at 574-3427 or e-mail us.

Great festivals and special events set the tone for a city. They bring energy, diversity, quality of life and create an atmosphere that attracts visitors, new talent and new residents.

Woldfest Music
In short, they are vitally important to our city.

Louisville has a growing reputation for being a city where events can start from the seed of an idea, grow and evolve into world-class events with strong support and patronage.

There is so much to do in our city – and the variety of settings is as diverse as the list of activities. From Jeffersontown to Portland and Fairdale to Old Louisville there are unique festivals and celebrations all year. Whether it’s live music by the river at Waterfront Wednesdays, our WorldFest celebration of international cultures, the celebration of big thinking at IdeaFestival, or the ever-expanding Derby Festival, there is something for everyone.

This year’s MetroFest Calendar showcases more than 250 exciting events. And, in keeping with our Healthy Hometown Movement, the calendar includes walks, runs and bike rides – to help you plug into active events that are fun and healthy for the whole family.

We’re proud that Louisville earned the 2010 recognition as the top “World Festival and Event City” in North America from the International Festival & Event Association. The IFEA honor motivates us to work even harder and dream even larger to make Louisville a world-class destination for unique and exciting events and partnerships.


Worldfest Dancer