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July 19- Pranayama Workshop
Wellness 360
Start Date:
Saturday, July 19, 2014
End Date:
Saturday, July 19, 2014
2-4 pm
Event Details:
Pranayama Workshop

Pranayama is the yogic practice of breath control. While most westerners are familiar with yoga as a set of poses to condition the body, the ancient practice of yoga has always had at its roots the essential knowledge of breath control as the gateway between the physical and subtle realms. From alleviating asthma and other pulmonary maladies, to reducing stress and promoting peace of mind, to providing higher insights of our energetic body, the regular practice of pranayama has been proven to provide many benefits. This workshop will explore a variety of pranayama exercises, and allow time for the student to develop a deeper understanding of the physical, energetic and mental benefits of this traditional practice.

Saturday, July 19th

2:00p – 4:00p


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Instructor Bio:

Karley began a committed yoga practice 14 years ago with the familiar and auspicious spark of well being that this mind/body practice of yoga promotes. Within the first year of getting on the mat, she fell in love with the Ashtanga Vinyasa system of yoga. Since then, her discipline continued to grow with a dedicated practice that has been firmly established in the Primary and Second Series. While her studies have expanded over the years with many teachers, from a variety of schools of yoga, her development in this practice has come from over a decade of closely working with Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher Todd Geiser. The maturing of her yoga practice has been grounded in her ongoing studies and understanding of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. As the foundational text for her yoga practice, her teachings on the mat are offered to students in the way of developing the strength, flexibility, and grace in establishing a moving meditation. With as much time spent on the meditation cushion as the yoga mat, Karley teaches with a focus in building the body, breath, and mind for true healing and wholeness, and ultimately the deeper insights which can only be found in stillness.
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