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April 2-21- The Stranger and Ludlow Quinn - the complete saga
Baron's Theatre, 131 W. Main St.
Start Date:
Wednesday, April 02, 2014
End Date:
Monday, April 21, 2014
Event Details:
The Strange and Ludlow Quinn
By Diana Grisanti and Steve Moulds
Directed by Amy Attaway

The serial stories of Ludlow Quinn, Harry Houdini, the mysterious Stranger Millicent Stone, and our hero – 15-year-old Louisvillian Bonnie Burke, have intrigued and surprised Trolley Hop audiences on First Fridays since June 2013. Now, Theatre [502] presents five chances to catch all ten chapters AND the epic conclusion in one fluid story.

April 2, 4*, 18, 19, 21
All at 8:00pm
Only $15

Ludlow Quinn is the most powerful magician you've never heard of. When 15-year-old Louisvillian Bonnie Burke discovers a book created by the long-dead magician in her great-grandmother's attic, she is swept away on an epic adventure through two centuries of Louisville legend and lore. As she explores the deep mysteries of this book, Bonnie uncovers a plot that appears to implicate her great-grandmother and Ludlow Quinn in the death of Harry Houdini.

Is it possible that Bonnie herself descends from murderous stock? Has she inherited magical powers beyond her own understanding? Will she be able to save her cousin and restore the honor of her family?

Whether you've traveled with us on this whole yearlong journey, or you’re just hearing about this powerful magician, you'll find the complete tale teeming with magic and adventure. We don’t promise the “real” story (because a magician never tells her secrets), but we promise the whole saga.

*First Friday performance, April 4, Pay-What-You-Can
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