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Be Cool at the Louisville Zoo! July 15 - August 20

Friday July 14, 2006

Now that summer is heating up...Be Cool at the Louisville Zoo!

Presented by Meijer and Coca-Cola

Any kid will tell you it’s cool at the Zoo. But July 15 through August 20 you will have several ways to chill out and also get cool savings on admissions to the Louisville Zoo whenever the temperature reaches 90 degrees or above.

You can enter for only $5 per person after the Zoo establishes that the temperature hits the 90 degree mark. (This offer is not retroactive and no discounts can be combined with any other offer.) Plus visitors can enjoy Chill Out Misting Stations and totally cool scavenger hunts around the Zoo.

The Be Cool Weekends offer even more cool fun. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Be Cool Saturdays you can meet your favorite deejays from Radio One stations (B-96, WDJX, WXMA, WMJM and WXMA) and play one of several wet and wild games on the Front Plaza.

On both Saturday and Sunday afternoons from noon to 5 p.m. you can watch the animals enjoy extra special cooling treats and other enrichment activities. Imagine what an orangutan would do with a baby pool full of water, or a polar bear with an ice block with a fish in it! Cool off yourself at the Chill Out Misting Stations.

There are even Monday special admission offers. On Be Cool Mondays (July 15 through August 20 -- regardless of what the temperature is) get one FREE kid’s admission with each paid adult Zoo admission ticket and a $25 Meijer sales receipt (valid for up to four adults and four kids per $25 receipt.)

Remember, you can always find cooled exhibits and shady nooks at the Louisville Zoo. The Gorilla Forest, MetaZoo, Islands, HerpAquarium and the Africa Outpost Restaurant offer air-conditioned comfort. Catch a cool breeze while riding on the antique carousel, ZooTrain or ZooTram (small extra fee.) And beautiful garden spots and the African Outlook Playground offer great R&R spots for the whole family.

Be sure to stop by the twice daily (12:15 & 3:30 p.m.) Seal and Sea Lion Training demonstrations. Nothing’s cooler than being splashed by these playful pinnipeds!

Be Cool Weekend Activities

Cool off a few of your favorite Deejays 11-1 Saturdays and

Watch animals enjoy their special

Be Cool Enrichment Activities on weekend afternoons.

(Enrichment activities are subject to change without notice)

July 15 (Saturday) with WDJX Radio 99.7 FM, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

  • Cooling of the Wild Bunch Dunking Booth

July 15 (Saturday afternoon) Animal Enrichment Activities:

Animal     Activity  Time
Komodo Dragons Mud Wallow 12:00
Lions Fish in Pool 12:30
Red-Crowned Cranes Fish in Pool 1:30
Maned Wolves Pool in Yard 2:15
Elephants Baths 3:00
Lemurs Fruit in Pool 4:00

July 16 (Sunday afternoon)
Animal Enrichment Activities:

Animal     Activity  Time
Beaded Lizards Pool in Exhibit 12:15
Pinnipeds Ice in Pool 12:30 - 4:00
Red-Crown Cranes Fish in Pool 1:30
Warthogs Wallow 2:00
Aldabra Tortoise Hose Bath 2:30
Gorillas Ice in Pool 3:00
Orangutans Pool 4:00

July 22 (Saturday) with WGZB – Radio B96 FM, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

  • Ice Escapades – Ice dig for fun prizes.

July 22 (Saturday afternoon) Animal Enrichment Activities:

Animal     Activity  Time
Warthogs Frozen Treat Block 12:00
Lemurs Popsicles 1:00
Elephants Frozen Fruit 2:00
Gorillas Frozen Bananas 2:30
Kopje Exhibit Frozen Grapes 3:00
Polar Bears Frozen Treat 3:00
Woolly Monkeys Popsicles 3:30
Zebras Frozen Treats 4:00

July 23 (Sunday afternoon)
Animal Enrichment Activities:

Animal     Activity  Time
Warthogs Frozen Fruit 12:00
Pumas Fishcicles 12:00
Lions Frozen Bones 12:30
Bongo Frozen Treats 2:00
Gorillas Frozen Bananas 2:30
Meerkats Cricket Ice Cubes 3:00
Polar Bears Frozen Treats 3:15
Orangutans Popsicles 4:00